A progressive software for managing and archiving medical files, photographs, and documents


Photofilex is the best choice for surgeons and specialists who deal with photographs and medical documents of the patients. Photofilex tools let one categorize and bundle the files of patients who frequently visit the doctor. Therefore, simply by some clicks, you will be able to find the patient's file including pre and post treatment photographs, during treatment pictures, treatment plan, radiology, blood tests, etc.

The software's ultra-simplicity and its efficiency are famous amongst surgeons and specialist doctors, particularly plastic surgeons.

The software keeps all the photographs and documents of the patients with a high security, and it will quickly and simply provide you with the data to use in treatment plan or the surgery, analysis, or even stimulation.



Registering file and patients' photographs

Photograph and medical documents of the patient for every visit (like entry of pictures, radiology, blood test for pre treatment and post treatment visits.


Viewing a full list of patients

Viewing a full list of patients, separated, together with wallet sized photo for better recognition. It is possible to arrange the list alphabetically, chronologically, or on the basis of other elements like the name, reason for visiting the doctor.


Advanced search

Searching patients' files on the basis of all the registered cases like file number< sex, name, etc. in time spans and considering numerical intervals, or according to the cause of visiting the doctor.


Initial settings

Initial setting of databases for different types of treatments, surgeries and diagnosis;
joined by extra cases a doctor might find necessary (together with registration and entry of specific forms).


White board feature:

treatment plan can be illustrated on the images or on top of digital forms by optic pen, in order to be registered, and to directly explain it to the patient.



Magnifier to enlarge the picture, with capabilities to save and print.


Direct connection and import from:


Free digital pens: for layouts in Photofilex software


Free webcam: to attach wallet sized photograph of the patient.


Free webcam: to attach wallet sized photograph of the patient.



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